An excellent way to bring targeted traffic to your Facebook web page is to market it on your website. A “Like Box” will make it incredibly simple for your online visitors to “LIKE” your Facebook page without having to leave your site.

2.   Include a Hyperlink Within Your Facebook “About” Box

Within the left-hand column of your Facebook page you will notice the “About” box. Within this box, place a website link to your site to entice individuals to go to your website. You have got a small space so make sure to keep it concise by writing something such as this: For further money saving deals check us out at:

3.  Interact With Your Guests By Asking Intelligent Questions

Questions are a fantastic way to interact with your site visitors…there is however undoubtedly the correct and incorrect approach to asking questions on Facebook. Individuals move on very quickly so they are unlikely to write a comment if your article or question is too lengthy. Ensure that you ask questions that allow them to make brief and simple responses.

4.  Use Each and Every Pixel To Develop A Powerful and Easy Recognisable Timeline Cover Image

Look at the Timeline image as a huge Billboard anyone browsing your page will see.  Business pages are not permitted to have contact information, sales pitches or calls to action on the cover image however, you can showcase your products, your company logo, your employees or perhaps your clients employing an imaginative combination of graphics and design.  You could get a designer to do it, but there are numerous free websites that will assist you do it yourself.

Something to bear in mind: For many people, this can be the initial connection with your business, so ensure that it stays enjoyable but professional; interesting but fresh.  And update it frequently.

5.  Remember to Secure Your Custom Facebook Web Address

After you have designed your Facebook web page, go to and obtain a username for the page. A Word of advice: Make it simple to ensure that people don’t forget it. If you get too shrewd or imaginative, you could confuse your target audience.

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