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Content Is King

Content is the information you provide and how you communicate with your customers, which can define your business.

A content marketing strategy marries multiple arms of digital marketing together,including SEO and digital PR, to achieve ROI and capture market share. 

This area of online marketing can help you stand out, both in SERPs and amongst your competitors. It is not just sentences strung together, it’s an intelligent way to generate sales.

As a full service digital agency, we integrate our creative copy techniques into other services. The style, tone and visual presentation of copy must be adjusted for every ad, landing page and audience type, but also the different platforms.

Not only can we boast on-brand creative flair but we also understand platform guidelines and optimisation best practices. This allows us to create content that contributes to your business because it was built for the platform it features on, maximising performance and conversions

Digital Story Telling

At SEO Northern Ireland, we work alongside your brand to extend your reach. We pride ourselves on giving your audience something unique and valuable to read and engage with because we understand the value it can offer your business.

Effective content marketing strategies connect audiences and businesses together to reclaim the loyalty that was lost when consumers were given so much choice online.

Content, in so many forms and displayed on different platforms, can also drive the direction of your brand. This is because user engagement and content that starts discussions provides valuable knowledge and data about what customers want.

The information our content marketing agency extracts from your audience can make your next product launch, business decision or marketing campaign hit even harder.

Making A Difference

How Content Marketing Makes A Difference For Your Brand

Types of Content Marketing

How Content Marketing Makes A Difference For Your Brand

One of the reasons there are many different types of content marketing is simply because no single type of content will appeal to every visitor. That’s why it’s essential to vary content to suit your audience, keep things exciting and understand what works best for your business.


Blogging is the content format most people think of as content marketing. Blog posts are relatively easy to produce, and done right can deliver real results.

Blog content can demonstrate your industry expertise, in addition to being worthy content for SEO and lead to an increase in search rankings. You can also use guest blogging to build your inbound link profile.

While blogs can be relatively short in length, mixing with the long-form content format, such as a ‘Guide to’ is another way to enhance your blogging and search results.

Video Content

Video marketing is one of the most popular consumed content marketing formats and is also a trusted source for many. Bite-sized videos are quick and easy to digest and proven to grab attention online, generate traffic, views and engagement.

Live video content is also a popular format, while there are certain risks associated with live streaming videos, it’s a great way to connect with followers and customers.


Like the video, podcasting is easily digestible, with the added advantage that it can be consumed while doing another activity such as driving.

Podcasting is a good platform for storytelling, with the average podcast listener staying connected for an average of 22 minutes, making podcasting an excellent long-form content marketing strategy.


Infographics are still among some of the most shared content online and a useful content marketing format for businesses.

It’s essential to get the graphic elements right, making your infographics attractive, and ensuring the information is interesting and reliable.

Social Content Marketing

Social media posts form part of your content marketing strategy and offer a format to react quickly to daily news and events, in addition to your planned social posts.

Social content marketing is where content marketing and social media for business come together. The rise of the social B2B buying journey and more connected consumers have seen the need for social content marketing tactics and strategies.

User-Generated Content

People value and trust user-generated content, whether this is in the form of case studies, reviews, social posts or comments. There are many ways to encourage and incentivise customers to get involved.

A content marketing strategy should leverage the power of user-generated content to strengthen your brand, increase your social following, drive traffic and boosts sales.

E-Books & Whitepapers

This type of content marketing works well to engage audiences, but it is not for every business. Whitepapers and e-books need to target specifics to help the reader answer a question or solve a problem, using in-depth research and statistics adds strength to content.

They are not a marketing pitch, and the hard sell won’t work, but if you deliver what the audience wants, they can be beneficial.

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£ 297 Per Blog
  • 750 -1500 Word Blog Post
  • Keyword Research
  • Featured Image
  • Uploaded with Images


£ 497 Per Month
  • 2x 750 -1500 word articles
  • Plagiarism Checked
  • Uploaded With Images
  • Custom Monitoring
  • Custom Social Media Set Up


£ 997 Per Month
  • 4 x 750 -1500 Word Articles
  • 3-6 Month Content Plan
  • Link Outreach Campaign
  • Monthly Call

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

As a company, we haven’t come up through the regular ranks of working for a big agency or company. We come from, and continue to do, a background of running our websites for profit, which has given us an at the coal face knowledge of SEO, Content Marketing and many other areas that most agencies can’t get. We know what it’s like to run an online business, to have to drive traffic and pick up leads from it. This is one of our many strengths; we know what its like to have our own money on the line. We also have the experience of dealing with agencies and want to offer something much better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers on Content Marketing

No, we don’t hold any of our customers’ to a minimum contract period. You can cancel or change your package at any time, for any reason. There isn’t even a minimum notice period.

If you’ve found a content marketing package that you feel would work well for you, the next step is for you to get in touch with us. You can do that either through our contact form on our website or by scheduling a call with one of our team. We’ll then check the package against your own aims and goals. If we agree that it’s a good fit, we’ll begin the on-boarding and planning process with you.

Content marketing is the strategic process of building valuable relationships with audiences through various types of media. This is where you craft the stories and messages that capture people’s attention and guide them along the consumer journey until they become another happy customer.

While many strategies focus on a single channel (e.g. social media), content marketing is a multi-channel approach that integrates with your SEO, social media and email marketing efforts. These channels act as platforms to deliver your content to the right target audiences. The aim is to create a strategy that guides users towards purchase as they move between these channels.

The truth is, not every business needs content marketing to grow. It’s also true that content marketing in some sectors can be more challenging than in others.

Saying that, if you’d like your website to generate new enquiries and customers every month, then content marketing can transform your business.

If your website is central to the growth of your business, then engaging in content marketing can be a fantastic investment. Why? Because if you create high quality, timeless content, it will continue to bring you more website visitors year on year.

We’d suggest an initial commitment of 6 to 12 months, to enable you to start seeing good results. But ultimately, you’ll reap more rewards the longer you invest in content marketing.

This is an impossible question to answer because it depends on so many variables:

  • your type of business
  • your sector
  • your position within your sector
  • your competition
  • your goals
  • your location
  • your language


Each of these variables is unique to any given business, making it impossible to predict accurately. A better way of approaching this question is:

  1. Set a goal;
  2. Break down that goal into smaller steps;
  3. Benchmark your current performance;
  4. Start regular content marketing;
  5. Measure progress and make incremental improvements;
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 for a period of at least 6 to 12 months.


Needless to say, steps 1 and 2 are actually much harder to define than they first appear. For example: Let’s say your goal is to generate sales enquiries on your website; assuming you have one service, product or package, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “How much is the average value of a sale?”

Typically, a lower amount requires less effort: perhaps you just need a well written product description and a call to action to buy now. A higher average sale value requires that you design a sales process around how you expect customers to behave based on their past buying behaviour. This process needs to be broken down into steps that you can measure.

Our packages are designed to help you define these goals and take steps towards reaching these goals, by helping you create regular, high quality content.

Our fixed-price packages are invoiced in advance and we start work once payment has been received. Talk to us if you need help managing your cash flow, as we can usually split the cost of your package(s) over 2 or 3 months. 

Consulting work is billed on completion. We send invoices on the 1st of each month so we’ll invoice you for the time completed so far that month. 

The payment terms on our invoices are 7 days.  

This is a common question and it’s important to understand the difference to do both effectively. Content marketing is a broad strategy that targets users across various channels (search, social, email etc) and engages users as they move between them. Without these channels, nobody would be able to see your content and a key part of your strategy is understanding which channel(s) to deliver each piece of content on and how to target users on them.

SEO is about making your content as accessible as possible for search engine users and helping it perform effectively. This starts with optimising your pages and content for visibility in the searches that matter most but also involves broader, technical factors that affect how people engage with your pages (mobile optimisation, loading times, etc).

According to data from HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2018 report, 41% of marketers or marketers say content marketing yields a significant ROI – which is very high considering most marketers don’t even seem to have a strategy.

The image below shows content marketing generates 3x more leads than paid search per every pound spent – Content Marketing ROI study from Kapost and Eloqua.

Calculating your ROI depends on how much you’re going to invest, what your goals are and a number of variables such as customer acquisition cost (CAC), the price of your products/services and the profit you make for every sale.

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