Very few brand names are as well known to us as “Google” and it has become perhaps the most recognised brand on the planet alongside Microsoft, Coca Cola and Apple. The word “Google” has developed into our daily vocabulary. You rarely hear someone say ‘I yahooed’ or I ‘binged’ something. The fact that ‘to Google’ is such a recognized verb is evidence that Google is very widely accepted.

Statistics reveal that close to two-thirds of the world’s web-based population makes use of the Google online search engine whilst ignoring other search engines.

In spite of major marketing coupled with a huge advertising spending plan, Bing has found it challenging to make a dent within the search world. Yahoo, which once sat at the top of online search, is disappearing.

Nothing just mentioned has happened inadvertently. Google made the art and science of search into a modern technology that continually innovates and it is remaining relevant regardless of the surge in popularity of social networks including Twitter and Facebook.

Google’s leaders do not offer these amazing search engine results and resources without getting anything in return. Google is a lucrative business and its key product “search” generates profits in excess of thirty billion dollars annually. To keep that level of revenue coming in, it must continually develop its services and products with functions and features which are appropriate, social and mobile.

One of the ways it is doing this is with Google+, the search leader’s response to Facebook. This is relatively new in social media and Google is depending on Google+ a great deal. This is the core and key to Google’s business and web strategy. When announced, just about everyone said “not another social networking platform”! They believed that Google was crazy to compete with a monster like Facebook. Nevertheless, just more than a year since its introduction in 2011, it has quickly accelerated in popularity and has exceeded 250 million registered users.

Why you must use Google+

Instead of overlooking or disregarding Google plus as a passing trend or weak competitor to Facebook it is crucial that all businesses add it as part of their Internet marketing toolbox.

Google+ is an excellent podium for business owners as well as the typical user. The vast majority of companies and internet marketers have incorporated the Google plus one button at the top of their content to be part of this huge social networking community.

The ‘Plus one’ button is Google’s equivalent of the Facebook ‘Like’. The button makes it simple for readers to talk about your site content on the Google+ network if they want to. An additional important element of Google+ is you can follow individuals as well as their articles and other content within a group or different groups. This can include friends or family or you can also develop a group who share the same interests.

The main benefit of using Google+ is that if your site content is shared on Google+ it offers a positive sign to the Google search engine that the content is good quality content. This can be perfect for your small business so it helps you to get a better search engine ranking, leading to increased traffic and prospective customers.

Listed below are 3 highly effective reasons why incorporating a Google+ account is essential for your business.

1. Google+ Circles

“Circles” in Google+, are the same as Facebook “Groups”.
You can put all your connections within different circles such as acquaintances, colleagues, friends etc. Coming from a business mindset this makes sense as when you publish content you are able to select the circles where you would like them displayed.

For instance, after enjoying the latest movie you might only want to share this with your family and friends. However, if you wanted to discuss the most recent networking event you went to or some industry news you would then position the content so that just your business acquaintances may see it. Yet another good feature is that you can select the update to be open to the public or alternatively you can ensure that it stays private.

The vast majority of discussions on Google plus occur in private inside these “Circles”. Many have accused Google+ of being dull or boring when actually it is packed with lively and enthusiastic communities. What is visible and public on Google+ is just a brief glimpse of what is actually going on.

Sharing content which is highly relevant to your target market is very important to you as a business. The Google+ Circles feature enables you to reveal articles and other content which is targeted and geared to a particular group.

2. Google Plus Hangouts

At launch, Google+ Hangouts was viewed as the trick card that Google held. Hangouts are an area for you to build your own video forums. You may have as many as 9 people in the chat.

It is a fantastic feature for you to enjoy a live chat with several people at once. This is an ideal way to educate your customers, discuss creative ideas and share case studies. You can build hangouts with clients so you can share information in person and build the relationship without needing to hop on an airplane or travel a long way in a car.

Google+ makes it simple to do. They have forced Facebook to restudy its own business model and see how it can improve to produce a similar feature. Now you can initiate or respond to a Hangout call coming from an individual that uses Google+ on Apple’s iOS or Android.

Live one-on-one video on the internet is changing communications and permitting companies to easily develop relationships with businesses and clients.

3. Google Plus Is Search Engine Friendly

Google has spent a great deal of money on Google+. The financial commitment by Google (which is in excess of half a billion dollars) offers a hint at how significant Google+ will be in the coming years.

It sees Google+ as the foundation to the way ahead for a growing social web and it is determined it will stay active and relevant for all utilizing it.

And since Google owns and regulates this social platform you can be certain they are employing it to capture signals for their search engines. Also, they are employing it to collect data which will allow them to offer more tailored results for their search users and Google “Adwords” customers. This is certainly less difficult for them as they own it and also have total control.

Exactly what does this mean for your company? Well, the benefit for your business being on Google+ is basically that you are offering content and knowledge and this is fundamental to Google’s dominance. Google will reward you by giving you a better position in the search results (sometime Search Engine Optimization or SEO).

Many online retailers depend on these natural search results to generate free website traffic as 90% of traffic is gained from being on the first page of Google. This is important!

Why Google+ is not likely to disappear anytime soon.

Purely as a business resource, Google+ is massive. If you do not have a Google Plus page, with proper SEO, you are passing up on potential high search engine rankings in the search results. In other words, this might be the difference between a potential customer discovering your company, and not even knowing that you exist.

Google is ensuring their online social network with remain with us for the foreseeable future. To guarantee its dominance all new Google users need to sign up for a free account and, because of this, Google+ is attaining 625,000 new sign-ups every day and it is expected to have 400 million members by the end of 2012.

Google plus is incorporated into Google’s interface when you are logged into your Google account (find the ‘+You’ tab in the black bar near the top of the page). It is aesthetically pleasing and it is very simple to navigate.

All this indicates that it is crucial for all businesses to use Google+ if they take their Search Engine Optimisation seriously.

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