The Online World does not stay constant. It will always be developing, transforming and adjusting. Exactly the same can be stated about Google.

Have you found that your Google Places web page looks completely different? If you have not, devote a couple of minutes exploring the changes.

In the most recent effort to catch social networking competitor Facebook, Google has rolled out new improvements transforming roughly eighty million Places web pages into eighty million Google+ Local web pages.

This is actually a step towards integrating its internet search engine, social network, maps and business directory features. Jen Fitzpatrick, a Vice president of Google Engineering explains: “With one listing, your business can now be found across Google search, maps, mobile and Google+, and your customers can easily recommend your business to their friends, or tell the world about it with a review”.

Therefore it is “Farewell Google Places” and “Hello Google Plus Local”.

Should your company have a Google Places web page there is no reason to be concerned. Google already has incorporated all pre-existing Google Places accounts straight into Google Plus Local.

You may still gain access to those web pages through the normal Search or maps, but this information is available today using a new tab inside Google+ called “Local” that is on the sidebar of Google+.

This is actually the home of your vital business details, including street address, telephone numbers, business hours, photographs, online videos and reviews.

So How Exactly Does It Operate?

Google+ Local was created to allow individuals to locate and discuss information about local companies, shops and places to eat. Google have merged Google Places along with the Zagat review and rating system (more details on this shortly) and developed a much more community based and interactive method to discuss and investigate local companies.

A few of these modifications could be challenging since you need to ensure that your business account was transferred correctly. If you are not using the Google+ local listing, you may be losing a great deal of business.

If you have yet to list your business, you must do this at the earliest opportunity or have a professional do this on your behalf. To show just how significant this really is, take a couple of minutes to find similar services or products which you offer on Google and find the number of your rivals. These are the ones who are taking business from you.

By creating and frequently improving your Google Plus Local business profile, your company will likely be at the head of Google searches, in front of your rivals. Consequently, individuals are likely to leave feedback by means of a review in addition to being in a position to endorse your business to their family and friends.

Your company information, including how to contact and find you, will be shown and discussions as well as reviews relating to your company will appear on your businesses Google Plus Local profile.

If you are a local business that is interested in these modifications to your older Google Places web page or perhaps you have yet to list your organization on Google+ Local Pages then what follows is a brief tour of these changes.

The Google+ Local Tab

People now look for specific places or they research various types of business including eateries, clothing shops and estate agents utilizing the new “Local” tab, which can be found on the left-hand side of Google+.

Once a customer clicks a certain listing, it takes them to the Google+ Local web page of that company. Here they are going to observe the location, contact details, photographs, Zagat scores and reviews.

An explanation of Google+ Local and Zagat Scores

Google acquired the Zagat review firm in 2011 and today includes the Zagat summaries and scores on each Google+ Local web page.

Zagat relies on a thirty point scale and shows the average of all the unique ratings that have been categorised into groups. This is gathered into one synopsis at the top of the web page.

On each page you will observe individual scores from 0 – 3 beside the user’s review:

3 = excellent
2 = very good
1 = good
0 = poor to fair

This Is the right time to adopt Google Plus Local

In case you have not already done this, complete your Google+ Local page:

Benefit from the great chance to promote your company absolutely free on Google+ Local pages and Google maps by submitting your business profile.

Add images, online videos, company logo, past customer testimonials along with an outline of your company. This helps prospective customers understand your company along with what it offers. This will likely boost your revenue by bringing in new clients.

Boost your Google+ Local search engine results position:

Each time a buyer creates a review on your business in Google+ Local, your company will appear higher on their followers Local search results. The goal is to have lots of individuals write reviews that are positive about your business and thereby obtain access to a broader range of potential prospects.
Your business appearing higher on Google+ Local searches can substantially improve your online presence.

Provide a great support service:

Providing great customer satisfaction has become a bigger factor because clients are more likely to publish an appraisal of your business on social networking web sites and that means you have to be ready to provide fantastic customer service in all areas of your company to acquire reviews that are positive on your Google+ Local page.
You can now understand why this is the ideal time for you to create a Google+ Local page for your company and how this will increase your presence online and draw in new clients.

Our business specializes in producing Google+ Local web pages and we can provide a boost to your business to deliver more targeted clients to your website. Contact us today for a quotation.

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