Things are different now in 2012. The way to rank well in Google has completely changed. Prior to the Google Penguin update on April 24th this year, the more links you could throw at a website the better. It didn’t matter if the links where high quality or not… low quality links still were worth having and a lot of people had them in their bucket loads. I’m going to show you in this post how you can start to rank higher again in Google with the help of a brand new 2012 Keyword Research Tool that is practically free.

By the way, KeywordXP, a fast Keyword Research tool for the Mac (it also runs on PC) that normally costs $47 can be purchased at the bottom of this post for a ridiculously low price!

The Old Way to Rank in Google

The “way it used to be” could be summarised like this:

The New Way to Rank in Google

2012 requires a completely new mindset and I cannot stress enough that the old ways of ranking a website are no longer nearly as effective as they used to be. Google has been letting us know for years that content is king and is the way forward. In 2012, the Google playing field has been levelled out and I think you will now be surprised how much easier it is to get traffic by simply writing content and at the same time work your way up through the rankings.

Blog Writing the way Forward

Although a little bit of link building is still useful, your blog writing should now take the focus again. Each post you create should focus on long-tail keywords as this is where the money is. Let me take this post as an example. Some of the long-tails I am focusing on in this post are “Keyword Research Tool for Mac”, “Keyword Research Tools 2012” and “Best Keyword Research Tool 2012”. Keyword phases like these are dead easy to rank for (can’t believe I have said that before publishing this article) and therefore are going to bring in more traffic and money than the more generic ‘Keyword Research’ keyword. Long-tail keywords are used in a more mature search and they are the search of someone who knows exactly what they are looking for!

How can you easily identify Long-Tail Keywords?

This is where it gets interesting. A guy called Paul Clifford has just developed an extremely fast and accurate keyword research tool called ‘KeywordXP’. If you want to see a demo and what Paul has to say about his tool, check out the 2 videos on this page.

You may have keyword tools already but not like this one. Instead of being cumbersome and slow and trying to do everything, KeywordXP focuses on a few simple tasks and does them quickly and efficiently.

What does KeywordXP Do?

In a nutshell KeywordXP identifies long-tail keywords that people are searching for in Google. You can mark relevant keywords and check the amount of competition that these keywords have. The tool will highlight any keywords that have a good search volume for the competition. You can then go and write a blog post focusing on these highlighted keywords and the traffic should flood in. You can also use the tool to identify the long-tails that people are searching for in Amazon.

How can KeywordXP help you?

As KeywordXP quickly identifies keywords that have high traffic and low competition, you will now find it easy to write an article that ranks highly for these identified keywords and drive more traffic to your website. Instead of spending all your energy building links, spend more time writing these articles that people are actually searching for. This technique will help you rank well and can form part of a Google Penguin recovery strategy.

KeywordXP Cross Compatibility

The nice thing about KeywordXP is that it runs on the Mac and also the PC. It achieves this by using Adobe Air so instead of two installers, only one is required.

How much does KeywordXP cost?

This tool is selling on the KeywordXP website right now for $47 and it is fantastic value for what it does.

However, you can grab yourself a valid and licenced copy of KeywordXP for a very special price here and now. How is this possible? I have bought full reseller rights to this application and I am allowed to sell it at a ridiculously low price.

Grab it while the price is still low.

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