Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce our new idea – A real-time platform for buying and selling links.

We all know that buying quality links for SEO or traffic became complicated today. If you want to buy real SEO friendly backlinks from which you will have real benefits you have to carefully choose where to do that. Google algorithms are getting more stringent every day. Buying lots of cheap links can seriously harm your website and get you penalized by Google. Almost everyone offers “quality” links but the quality sometimes has a lot to be desired of . For example, there are many websites and platforms where you can buy up to a thousand links for just a few dollars. Those who are familiar with SEO, know how much it costs to get a real link from a solid website, and I’m talking about a monthly charge here rather than a one-off. Forums are perhaps the best option, but on the other hand, they come with no guarantees and require a large investment of time spent searching. Nobody can guarantee that the seller will not remove your link the next day – a link which you paid a lot for. Because of this, we have come up with an idea to create a real-time platform (market) for buying and selling linksLinkworkers.

The Idea

Linkworkers is designed to connect link buyers (Buyers) and those who want to sell ad space on their website (Sellers) .


If you want to buy a link for SEO boost or to generate traffic you just need to register and create a New Campaign in which you will indicate your requirements. After our review, if everything is OK, we set your campaign as approved, and it will start running in our system.

Options :

– Select the link, depending on your budget and quality (DA ,PR, Alexa… ), as well as the time period you would like to have the link for – If you think that the Seller sidestepped your instructions you can rate the task as “Not satisfied” and wait for someone else to complete same task – You can target websites by their language, website niche (category), PR (PageRank), Alexa Ranking, etc.

– $2 Sign up bonus for testing out Linkworkers – You can order your first links for free