Some years ago, three young individuals within the United States enjoyed a brainstorming session and developed an idea which is now called Twitter. The keys reasons they called it Twitter was because it means “a quick burst of insignificant information” along with “chirps from birds”.

6 years later and Twitter is flourishing. Almost 150,000 million individuals transmit roughly 340 million twitter updates each day.

Not all tweets are inconsequential. It is correct that you can observe and take part in discussions of with many types of famous people. Nevertheless, Twitter is not just an area for famous people to air information on their exhilarating lifestyles or for you to discuss what you had for lunch!

Twitter is now an essential sales and marketing tool for companies, non-profit organizations, famous people and individuals all over the world.

Twitter has a genuine influence on the way we get information from the press. It is now a vital announcements channel during important political occasions and natural catastrophes. Companies now depend on it with regard to internet marketing, public relations and customer care.

The truth is, if you do not Tweet then you definitely are passing up on just about the quickest growing social networking platform for your company.

Exactly what is Twitter?

Twitter is a messaging provider that enables you to send out and receive messages of no more than 140 characters (about the size of a headline in a newspaper). This ensures that tweets are quite quick to write and simple to read.

Updates on Twitter are not private and may be viewed by anyone. You do not need to grant individuals authorization to observe whatever you have created which makes it an easy task to connect with new people on Twitter.

Listed below are Seven Reasons why your company must make use of Twitter:

1. It is Simple to Find and Interact with New Clients

Twitter is founded on a system of give giving and taking. You submit a tweet and then your followers reply. It is simple and immediate and enables you to develop a connection with existing or prospective clients. With a 140 character restriction on each tweet, Twitter is not really a huge time investment. Individuals on Twitter will be expecting your company to interact with them. Regardless of what your field of expertise, individuals are probably already tweeting about your products and solutions, your brand name, your business or at the minimum, your business sector.

2. It Helps Build Your Brand

Whatever you Tweet is really an extension of your company just like your business logo or advertisement jingle. Your tweets help define you as well as your company. For instance, is your business family-oriented? Each and every post you make may have a direct impact on your company so tweet sensibly.

3. You may Provide an Amazing Offer

All people love receiving a good deal. When one appears on their Twitter feed, it will develop anticipation and build excitement. This may go viral when one follower retweets your message to his or her followers, and then they re-tweet that to their followers and so on.

Below are a few additional strategies that businesses use: